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We've raised
Our Monthly Goal
Stewardship - $12,000.00 (monthly)
07/01/24 - 07/31/24

Our parish relies on the generous and regular donations of its members and friends to make the ministry of the church possible.  Please consider supporting our parish with a single or recurring donation.  May the Lord bless you!

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$10.0007/17/24 @ 8:10pm
$25.0007/14/24 @ 5:03pm
$25.0007/07/24 @ 10:48am
Keep it Green, Keep it Clean: Grounds Upkeep
We've raised
Our Goal
Lawnmower Purchase - $4,000.00
05/24/24 - 08/31/24

With the beautiful weather starting and our 100th Anniversary quickly approaching, our parish has turned our attention to caring for the grounds. We are blessed with a small group of volunteers who are willing to do the work needed but our equipment is old and failing. Mainly, our ride-on mower is over 10 years old and having lots of mechanical problems. With about 1 acre of grass to mow it is a necessity. The council has approved the purchase of a new mower that we hope will last for another decade. Please consider donating towards the purchase of this large, basic piece of equipment. Any amount would be appreciated. Any questions please talk to Valerie Eagen.

Top Donors
Recent Donations
$100.0007/20/24 @ 11:24am
$100.0007/13/24 @ 2:56pm
$50.0006/08/24 @ 4:12pm
$485.9505/24/24 @ 10:13pm

Donations may also be sent directly to: 

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

369 Green Avenue

East Meadow, NY 11554

What Do My Donations Support?

Through the grace of God and the generous support of our parishioners and visitors, we are able to support ministries both in our church community as well as our local community = to thrive and grow, and extend the Kingdom of God in East Meadow. May the Lord bless your generosity!

In addition, we have beautified our church building and grounds over the years. We still have a number of ambitious projects to complete, including replacement of the altar carpeting, refinishing of church flooring, and repair of the church school porch roof. We also plan to purchase a rider mower and attachments.

To allow us to continue these initiatives and remain responsible stewards of our beloved church, we need your ongoing support. Please give generously, and may the Lord bless your generosity!

Other Ways to Support
When visitors come to Holy Trinity they often ask how they can help. Over the years we have received so much support from people dedicated to Christ. For this we are tremendously grateful! We ask that you too might consider being part of our community by doing the following:

1) Worship With Us – whether you are a member, an occasional visitor, or an online viewer, you are part of our parish family, and when you pray with us you help to strengthen and encourage us.

2)  Spread the Word – tell your family and friends about our community and invite them to come and visit us. A personal invitation is the number one way the Church grows. Tell a friend to “Come and see!”

3)  Pledge Your Support – help us meet our tight budget by pledging your financial support. Even if you are not a full-time or even part-time member, your financial assistance can help make a difference. Consider enrolling in the ranks of our Benefactors ($1000/year), Supporters ($500/year), or Contributors ($250/year).

4)  Make a Donation – since our establishment in 1924, we continue to operate through the generous donations of our supporters. We ask that you consider making an offering toward our operational funds so that we can continue to keep our doors open.

5)  Pray For Us – remember us in your prayers, asking that the Lord strengthen, help, and direct us according to His divine will.


Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
369 Green Avenue
East Meadow, New York 11554

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
369 Green Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554